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Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic/Corrective Jaw Surgery is a niche maxillofacial procedure for the correction of dento-cranio-maxilofacial deformities by means of upper and lower jaw movements/repositioning.
The focus is on repositioning the maxillo-mandibular complex with ultimate aim to harmonize function and aesthetics of the face. For reference Maxilla is upper jaw and Mandible is lower jaw and literal meaning of Maxilla is Jaw.
1- Orthognathic surgery is indicated for
2- Protruding Teeth (Bi maxillary Protrusion)
3- Gummy Smile( Vertical Excess of Upper jaw)
4- Invisibility Of Upper Teeth( Less Vertical height of upper jaw)
5- Large Lower Jaw (Mandibular Protrusion)
6- Small Lower Jaw (Mandibular Retrusion)
7- Small Upper Jaw And hollow Nasal Area (Maxillary retrusion)
8- Deficient Chin( Micrognathia)
9- Long Face( Vertical excess of Upper and lower jaw)
10- Inability To Bite From Anterior Teeth(Open Bite)
11- Facial asymmetry and Cranio maxillofacial Surgery for Syndromic patients

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